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    Villa Poseidon

    Marvelous location
    for your vacation

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    Villa Poseidon

    A Private and Peaceful

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    Villa Poseidon

    Three Saunas
    and Swimming Places at Sea

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    Villa Poseidon

    Just You and the Nature
    and the Sea

To do in West coast of Finland

Location on island; Villa Poseidon, Pori area

Marvelous location for your vacation would be at peaceful place like Villa Poseidon and its islands. Our location is actually beside of open Baltic Sea, 4 km from the mainland. Also there is open sea nature reserve, just beside of our location.  We are able to transfer you and your group to the Villa Poseidon and nearby islands, with our different kind of vessels, depending of your needs. Also we have a place helicopter to land. All food serving will be done by catering company, Soul Sisters.

Villa Poseidon is very suitable for a private and peaceful vacation. We are able to offer 35 person accommodation and dining room with nice fire place and cosy living room just to chill out. 

Main building is having an entrance straight to our full covered and heated glass balcony, that is made for 50 persons. And if you happen to have a kind karaoke running in your veins, there is place for you with the private pub on it. 

tree saunas and swimming places at sea

One of the saunas is of course traditional smoke sauna for around 15 person, traditional wood heated sauna for around 10 person, and electric sauna at our suite for 5 person. Bigger groups can enjoy as well the sauna experience, when others are enjoying the warmth of saunas and others will have fun by swimming, just cooling or having fun at the hot tub. 

Islands around us

Think how it would be, just you and your family or your best friends at the peaceful small island. No one nearby, just completely you and the nature and the sea. Small fire in stove in a cabin, and sauna is warming up. You are stepping outside and looking to the sea. Fire place just beside the shore, is making its own mystical dance. In case without the clouds, the night will wrap you around with its tender arms, with thousands of shining stars. This is what we like you to see and feel. Professional guide service available at the islands, by request.
In nearby islands there is two basic cottage for 4 persons each. Cottages will offer you an unique place to feel and enjoy the peacefulness and power of the nature and sea. Cottages will have fire heated stoves, basic kitchen (no running water or power system) and small cosy saunas as well. And best of all, what a nature you can see and feel in there, completely at your own privacy.

go and see the Baltic Sea 

When you are looking something more active, you might be interested to go and see the Baltic Sea by one of our vessels. You can choose a smaller (4 persons) and pretty fast XL Buster with 200hp on it (basic cabin, but not heated). Or perhaps you like to go with a bigger and fancier Targa vessel, with the warm cabin (12 person). When you really like to go with dignity, there is an our grand lady, Allu at your service, for 25 person. Allu is not heated on the deck area, and in cold weather she can take around 8 persons inside the cabin.  If you like to feel what it was like 100 years ago at the time of sailing vessels, you can choose sailing vessel Ihana at your charter trip. Ihana is made for 45 persons and has 17 beds, if you like to stay overnight.